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Laura Bromlow is a very thorough, knowledgeable and professional Attorney. She helped my husband and me to create our family Trust for Estate Planning purposes. She taught us so much about why we need a Trust and why just having a Will and listing each other as beneficiaries on accounts is not quite enough. We are not wealthy millionaires by any means, but we definitely have worked hard to save and accumulate some wealth from which we hope our kids will benefit one day. Laura explained how our Trust will allow these assets/wealth to be easily accessed and protected from future misuse. It also includes directions for how we want our medical care and affairs to be treated should we become incapacitated. My husband and I had a TON of questions and Laura very patiently answered each one and explained alternative scenarios. We are in our 50’s, so we feel so much more comfortable and secure now that we have our Trust. Laura will be doing annual Trust “Check-ups” with us to make sure it continues to fit our needs and to see if anything needs updating. We look forward to working with Laura for years to come because she is such a great Attorney!

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